Release Date: Oct 12, 2017


Recovery of remains at CMP excavation in Kondemenos (Kılıçaslan)

(Nicosia, 12 October 2017) – On 10 October, CMP excavation teams located the remains of 2 individuals in an ongoing exhumation in a military zone at Kondemenos (Kılıçaslan). The CMP’s bi-communal excavation teams are continuing excavations in Asha/Pasaköy, Haspolat/Mia Millia, Voni/Gökhan, Mora/Meriç, Akçiçek/Sisklipos and Mari.

The CMP would like to extend its warmest sympathy to the families of the missing persons and make a plea, once again, to the people of the island to support the Committee’s efforts by calling and providing information regarding the missing persons through the lines: +357 22 400142 (G/C Member’s Office) and 181 (T/C Member’s Office).

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