Media reports on CMP identification

Release Date: Feb 13, 2015

Press Release

(Nicosia, 13 February 2015) – The Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus is aware of media reports regarding the results of an analysis of remains identified by the CMP, which was undertaken on behalf of the family of a Greek Cypriot missing person. The reported analysis calls into question some of the results obtained by the CMP. This is of great concern to the Committee.
The CMP empathizes with the families of missing persons who have suffered decades of uncertainty over the fate of their loved ones. For this reason, over the past eight years, the CMP has gone to great lengths to ensure that its analyses and identifications are conducted in line with the highest international standards.
At this point, the CMP is urgently seeking the cooperation of the family in order to obtain the reported results. Only with these results will the CMP be able to determine whether and to what extent these may point to shortcomings in the analyses carried out by the CMP laboratory.

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