Release Date: Mar 06, 2015

Press Release

CMP Press Release on the case of Mr. Georgios Foris

(Nicosia, 05.03.2015) – From 2 to 5 March, two independent experts who had been recommended by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. William Goodwin (Geneticist, UK) and Dr. José Luis Prieto (Forensic Anthropologist, Spain) examined the case of the partial remains of Mr. Georgios Foris. In addition, they reviewed the CMP’s Standard Operating Procedures with regard to complex commingled cases.

Today, they have shared their preliminary findings with the Foris Family, the CMP, and the media. The experts have confirmed that Mr. Foris was correctly identified. At the same time, they have also determined that, despite the CMP’s best efforts, a number of small bones were incorrectly associated to the remains of Mr. Foris. The CMP fully accepts the experts’ findings and has conveyed its sincere apology to the Foris Family. The CMP has taken custody of the mis-associated bones in order to proceed with their identification.

The CMP would like to emphasise, that the independent experts’ conclusions confirm the reliability of the identifications carried out by the CMP, all of which are based on DNA analysis.

The experts will send a full report to the family and the CMP by next week. The CMP is fully committed to study any recommendations made by Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Prieto with a view to improving its procedures.

The CMP would like to reassure the families of missing persons of its commitment to continue its efforts to establish the fate of those still missing in line with international best practice.

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