Agreement reached by the two sides on the Terms of Reference for the establishment of a Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus.

Release Date: Apr 22, 1981


(Nicosia, 22 April 1981) – At a brief ceremony in the Ledra Palace United Nations conference area in Nicosia today (22 April), the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Hugo J. Gobbi, made the following statement in the presence of representatives of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities:

“On behalf of the Secretary-General, I am very pleased to announce that agreement has been reached by the two sides on the terms of reference for the establishment of a Committee on missing persons in Cyprus.

“The Secretary-General has asked me to thank both sides for their important cooperation which has made this agreement possible. In particular, I wish to thank the representatives of the two sides who, over the past few months, were engaged in intensive efforts to bring about the setting up of this Committee. The Secretary-General also wishes to thank the International Committee of the Red Cross for its co-operation in facilitating this significant achievement.

“On the basis of this agreement, it is possible now to proceed to the establishment of the Committee.

“This development represents a very important step forward in the solution of a long-standing issue of great concern to the two sides.

“Furthermore, we hope the efforts of the Committee on missing persons will strengthen the spirit of co-operation and the joint endeavor undertaken in the frameworks of intercommunal talks.”

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