Phase 5 - Return of Remains


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Reconciliation of Information Phase

Once the anthropological and genetic analyses are concluded, the scientists meet with the identification coordinators to reconcile the available information for each case. Ante-mortem data and the circumstances of disappearance as reported by the investigative teams are then compared with the post-mortem and DNA datasets from the anthropological and genetic analyses.

If the comparison of the ante-mortem and post-mortem information is consistent and no discrepancies are observed, the identification coordinator then proceeds with the formal identification of the missing person.


Immediately after CMP’s formal identification of the remains of a missing person, the concerned family is informed by a designated CMP staff member.

Return of Remains

CMP employs psychologists from both communities in Cyprus who provide psycho-social support and guidance to family members throughout all phases of the CMP project. They inform the family on the identification of their loved one, assist with the practical organisational requirements for the family’s visit to CAL for the scientists’ briefing and the viewing of the remains. The psychologists also assist with the arrangement of the burial and continue their support, if needed or requested by the family, for two years after the funeral.

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