The CMP is one of the main institutionalized bi-communal bodies in Cyprus and its activities are carried out by young Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot scientists. The Committee’s project alleviates the pain of thousands of families on the island who have spent decades enduring uncertainty over the fate of their loved ones. This vital work also contributes to the restoration of trust and builds the foundation for reconciliation between the two communities. Over the past 15 years, the remains of more than half of the 2,002 persons who went missing in Cyprus have been located, exhumed, identified, and returned. However, 58 years after the events of 1963-1964 and 47 years since the events of 1974, time is running out to locate the remaining missing persons. Witnesses are growing older and when they die, they inevitably take crucial information to their graves. As a generation of parents passes away not knowing about the fate of their missing children, the CMP remains committed to this humanitarian task and spares no efforts to speed up the exhumation and identification process. Over the past three years, the CMP has doubled its investigation capacity and has extended its search activities into Cyprus-related archives of several countries and international organizations. These efforts come, however, at a cost and the CMP can only sustain its operations through substantial donor assistance. In 2021, the CMP’s operational budget amounts to EUR 3.2 million. As its largest and most regular donor, the European Union contributes generously with EUR 2.6 million annually. The CMP needs to find an additional EUR 600,000 from other donors to implement its activities in 2021.


CMP funds are administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) according to international accounting standards. Independent financial audits of the CMP are undertaken on a yearly basis.

Issued 31 August 2021

1. All the funds allocated by the European Union to the Committee on Missing Persons since 2007 onwards have been made available under the framework of Council Regulation n°389/2006 of 27 February 2006 establishing an instrument of financial support for encouraging the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community.

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