Successful certification of bi-communal CMP anthropologists

Release Date: 
Nov 02, 2018


Successful certification of bi-communal CMP anthropologists

(Nicosia, 2 November 2018) The Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) wishes to congratulate four of its Cypriot anthropologists from both communities on their successful passing of the rigorous theoretical and practical examinations of the Latin American Directory of Forensic Anthropology (DALAF). On 25 October, Ms. Istenç Engin, Ms. Emine Çetinsel, Ms. Maria-Chrystalla Kyrkimtzi, and Mr. Uyum Vehit were certified and accredited in Colombia with the International Certificate of the Forensic Anthropologist. The world’s oldest anthropology federation, DALAF serves as a non-profit civil association seeking to establish ethical and professional criteria for the practice of Forensic Anthropology and promoting the application of Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology.

With this achievement CMP demonstrates its vision of maintaining high scientific standards and providing ongoing education and specialised training to its staff. This will allow that they have direct knowledge of scientific developments in forensic science.

Over the coming years, CMP will certify more scientists from its laboratory, thereby ensuring the staff members’ continued excellence in this field.

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