CMP initiates archival research

Release Date: 
Jul 28, 2016

Faced with increasing difficulties to locate additional human remains, the CMP urgently needs to broaden efforts to obtain information that may lead to the discovery of burial sites. This includes the review of archival material of international organizations, state actors and domestic authorities that were present during the events of 1963-64 and 1974.

Following extensive discussion on this sensitive matter, the CMP Members have now decided to request access to information from all relevant parties. Furthermore, they have agreed to set up a dedicated capacity within the CMP to conduct archival research. This will include a team of researchers who will undertake the long task of carrying out an impartial review of archives, in Cyprus and abroad, related to the events of 1963/4 and 1974.

The CMP Members hope that this effort will yield new information to aid in the location of burial sites of missing persons and thus bring answers to bereaved families across the island.

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