Phase II - Anthropological Phase

The CMP Anthropological Laboratory (CAL) is located in the United Nations Protected Area (UNPA) near the Old Nicosia Airport and became operational in August 2006. In addition to containing two fully equipped anthropological laboratories, this facility also houses the CMP’s storage for exhumed remains and a Family Viewing Facility where the families of missing persons have the opportunity to meet with the scientists involved in the identification process and view the remains of their loved ones.

At the CAL, two bi-communal teams made of 12 forensic anthropologists analyse exhumed remains, inter alia to associate individual bones with larger skeletal remains, to estimate the gender and approximate age of the individual in question, look for particular identifying features such as pathologies or dental characteristics and to examine and record all clothing and personal belongings found among the remains. Following anthropological analysis, small bone samples are cut and sent to a genetic laboratory for DNA analysis.