The CMP is one of the few functioning institutionalized bi-communal bodies in Cyprus. Through its work, which is carried out through the collaboration of young scientists from both Cypriot communities, the CMP alleviates the pain of thousands of Cypriot families who have spent decades enduring uncertainty over the fate of their loved ones and thus helps to build the foundations for reconciliation between the two communities.

Over the past seven years, the CMP has been remarkably successful in exhuming the remains of almost half, and identifying one quarter, of all missing persons.  However, 50 years after the events of 1963 and 64 and 40 years since the events of 1974, time is running out to locate the remaining ones.  As witnesses grow older and die, taking crucial information to their graves, and as a generation of parents pass away not knowing about the fate of their missing children, the CMP is committed to doing whatever it takes to speed up the exhumation and identification process.  Over the past year, the CMP has doubled its laboratory capacity and increased the number of bone samples sent for DNA extraction.  However, these efforts come at a cost, which the CMP can only sustain through substantial donor assistance. In 2013, the CMP’s financial needs amounted to around 2.9 million EUR. 

Financial accountability

CMP funds are administered by the United Nations Development Programme according to international accounting standards. Independent financial audits of the CMP are undertaken on a yearly basis.